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The “Cabinet des Terrasses d’Antibes” Team bring you an holistic solution which can be integrated into research for long-lasting improved performance of companies.

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Muscular disorders are the first cause of professional disease in France.

Our expertise of the anatomy, the biomechanics, the prevention of muscular disorders, and the reduction of back pain, cross complement physiotherapy & osteopathy.

Our expertise improves the well-being of your staff who participate in our therapies in their posture and well being which allows you to maintain and to increase their productivity.

Our team considers your staff participants holistically thus leading to an effective service.


Our objective is:


  • To understand the specific needs for each of our participants to bring them long-lasting answers and custom-made and perfectly adapted solutions

  • To facilitate the access to the care of your staff allowing a fast coverage

  • To lavish individualized ergonomic advice regarding their workstation, hygiéno-dietary and preventive measures

  • To make your staff participants sensitive and adept in the management of stress


We can work during your lunch break, during your seminaries or planned evening events for companies (after-work well-being), during your work days or weekends of well-being.

This intervention can be part of a national or international special management event. Our interventions are punctual or followed.


The development of a spirit of well-being within a company is an investment in your staff resources via job satisfaction, good health and improved productivity.